My Shard

Thu, 01/02/2014 - 16:51 -- JThack


I remember that day when we first met

   you spoke naught and only looked at me and shyly smiled


   that day I somehow knew that we were meant to be

   your brown eyes ripped through mine heart and saw me

   for who I was


That day we met

   it fades and so does your face into the darkness

   they fade into the darkness of my mind 

   our trust shattered and so is that day

   I used to look into that mirror and see us

   see us standing togther hand-in-hand


My face hollow and cracked with eyes deviod of humanity

   my hands bloody and cracked 

An empty bloodstained area where you once were

   left with naught but a shard of glass

   a shard of glass clutched in my cracked bloody hands

   as I steadily fall apart

   a shell of a man carrying a piece of you fully unharmed 

   as he steadiy breaks apart 







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