I Can't Say To My Teacher


Stuff  I Can't Say To My Teacher

What many things they are ,

Dnt scream or talk to me any type of way 

Im not your child nor a dog , 

When you see my hand raised

looking and turning away

What about caling my name ,

Instead of calling me when i don't know what  to say 

If you respect me , then i will respect you 

DON ' T  think  im  inadequate to

Do certain thing , accomplish certain task  or express certain abilities

Because i refuse to

I am more than capable of writing a 500 word essay


Dnt expect me to be alert in class

When i had 3 essays to write and 2 books to read

The previous day

The poem is for my teachers

Telling them what can never come to say 

Just now when its all said and done

Im going to be famous one day



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