Why ?


Why would you lay down and concieve

If you couldn't believe

In the child you were creating 

She's a creation of God and a reflection of you

Maybe that's why you can't look at her

Because you only see your self

But she was destined for greatness, though she looked up to you 

Believing the "I love you's" and the "I'll be back soon"

Nah. But..

You taught the sweetest girl to never love, not even you

Feeling like a man whe you left your little girl 

She was still a baby, didn't ask to be in this world

Waiting for calls that never came

Hoping for a different day but they stayed the same

Pretend. Pretend. Pretend. That's how she stays strong. 

Saying she hates men because you did her wrong

Act like it doesn't bother her but she loves you so much

But obviously love is a one-way street and doesn't do much 

So why love?

Why cry?

Why even care?

you didn't ... 


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