Keep me with Jesus


Diseases, diseases
Keep me with Jesus.

My name's not punk,
Nor am I junk.
To give you a start,
I have my own heart.

You call me a queer.
I say it's not fair.
Yet, a slam to the locker,
A tug at my hair.

My name's a chameleon.
Your words provide food.
They bring in the heat,
They change like my mood.

I can't ever be mad.
I can't even show hate.
You're a really sad person,
I don't want to date.

You think this is funny?
You think I'm a shame?
You think you're all that,
when you take fear for fame.

So now let's end this:
You'll do you, and I'll be me...
I was talking about the poem.
But, it's fine for a bully.


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