Another white tee

Tie dyed in four shades of red

Out of the twelve you’ve already encountered

Bleach will do no good this time

Neither will a Band-Aid

You never have to worry about people getting in your way

Because no one wants to touch the girl with the scars on her arm

The constant feeling like someone is staring into your wounds

Like the stinging sensation when you wash your body with scented soaps because you just don’t feel it like you used to

The allowance you get every week that you spend on four blade razors and lighters because every night in your dreams you engulf yourself in flames and watch yourself be eaten away with the rest of your pain

Your bathroom cabinet full of cold medicine and pain pills

With a dose warning you’ve scratched out with loose change because you just don’t care

They talked about you

They lied about you

They watched you hit rock bottom and you’re still looking for the light

Clawing at the solid rock they left behind for you to nibble on

They left you to go insane inside four white walls leaving your fears to be your own chains

But I wish you would see the power in your words

I wish you would see the beauty in your flaws

I wish you would keep the white tee white

You are worth so much more than ten dollars spent on scarlet stains

You are worth so much more than a shot of black liquid being forced down your throat in a cold bath

There are people out there who love you

Who want you

There’s a boy or a girl out there who’s waiting for you to step in

Taking your life will only show the world that they’ve won

That this stupid little game was all just because

They wanted to see how far you would go

Now they don’t even care

And they know that you don’t

Look at the cuts on your arm and think

There are people out there who are just like me

Who don’t know what they’re worth

Who don’t know who to be

Stop letting the world define you

Stop letting a mumble get to you

They can only walk all over you if you let them

They can only talk behind your back if you’re ahead of them

I can see it in your scars

Your pain is unbearable

But you can get through this

You are not

And will never

Be alone.

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OMG....this is completely fantastic. This poem is so powerful and it wakes us up to reality. I love how you talk about her pain, but then you make it very clear that she is not alone. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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