What You Want Isn't Necessarily What you Need


"So What?" you say. 

"I don't care about what you want. 

We don't need you. You're not qualified. "


I wanted to be in your class. 

How could you turn me away? 

I worked so hard! 


Others keep saying

that they're there because it's 

"an easy class" 

They don't deserve it,

I think to myself


I look away from you 

I'll glance back at times

Wishing you had chosen me. 

I've cried my eyes out

I've hated you

but deep down

I know I shouldn't. 

You would have won.


But you've shown me how to explore.

To explore the true meaning

of what the phrase

"when one door slams in your face,

another one opens"


I've learned that I love being free

Free from your stare

Free from what you think of me


I'm glad to explore 

I'm absolutely free 

I don't need you to tell me

What I can or can't do


I'm free. 

I'm free to find other doors, windows

and gateways 

to a place that will accept me


For who I am. 


I won't look back. 

Just towards the future.

Let me show you

What I can do. 

Who I am

Who I can become

and who else I can 

lead away from you


I'll lead them towards freedom,

the freedom to do what they want

even if you don't want them. 

They'll be who they are. 

Not who you want them to be.


And I'll be me. 



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