What I Would Change (Scholarship Slam)

If I could change my world, what would I change? Would I change the enviroment, the politics? Would I chance the schools, the laws? I thought long and hard about this, I finally came to a conclusion.... God.....I stood back and looked at what I created, it was perfect and good. Everything; human, animal, did as it should. Then, I looked at my masterpiece, the man. Even now, I hold him as close to Me as I can. I decided then that he needed a mate. Someone his heart's needs could sate. I gave him a wife- someone to help in his life. She was part of him and I named her Eve. Someone desigend for man to cleave. Then I gave them the rules, of everything they could eat, but one tree...but one tree and all the rest, all that they could see. Once again, I stood back and looked around Me. It was good and all functioned perfectly. I watched my humans, they were perfect. Their needs were met. It was time for Me to rest, another precedent for them was set. Six days of work and one of sleep, their health to keep. Later, I was walking in the Garden in the cool of the day, and I knew something was wrong. I could smell the decay. How could this be, in this perfect place? Where was man? I could not see his face. He was hiding from me, I knew why. "Man, now is the time. Why do you lie?" I asked where he was and what happened (even though I knew). Immediately he blamed his wife, on cue. She blamed the serpent, I cursed him to the ground. And from then on, I knew sin would abound.....Me....So, back to our question here, what would I change? If I could change one thing, it would be the wrong, I wish the right way strong. The Lord would reign over all, no one would fall. There would be no hate, no distrust, no war. It would be Perfection, as hard as it is to believe, and all open doors. No crime, no death, no injustice, life would be completely different-bliss. If I could change one thing, it would be Eve's decision, her weak moment. That one second in time, when she followed the serpent. If I could change one thing, it would be Adam's choice, These two choice that ruined perfection and gave sin a voice.


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