The Known Stranger


She enters the setting,

With a mindset cluttered in utter agony,

But her beaming grin seems so effortless,

Despite the distress staining her heart and soul,

Everyone unfortunately scurries by her,

As she sits abandoned in the center of the setting,

Her body aches of grief,

But she doesn’t dare allow her despair to be noticeable,

By now she is accustomed to feeling untouchable,

The ones she is fond of mock her deliberately,

She prays for the acceptance,

The unconditional love portrayed between families,

But she will always persist in the unwanted,

And bathe herself in the emotional distress,

Considering she will never be doted on,

So she surrenders to the setting,

And fails to ever return. 



i love the way you wrote this. wow. check out some of mine? really enjoyed reading that.keep it up!

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