If I was him

Thu, 04/24/2014 - 00:24 -- hcumbie

With a beauty like hers, no one can deny,

Her heart full of gold, and her eyes filled with such integrity,

With her locks of bronze blonde waves and the skin looks like a model.

It makes me tremble whenever we meet eye contact,

To see her with him, it hurts me more than she could ever know,

I known him forever, I know what type of guy he is,

He is no good for her! She secretly knows it too.

yet she stays with him, she could do so much better,

He doesn't even realize what a treasure he holds,

A kind, caring, thoughtful persona,

With her pretty little mid waist capable of holding her own,

I would be able to hold her the right way, the way she should be held and respected,

that she would than smile for me and only me, and feel the perfect moment,

I don't know if I've ever been so struck so hard about someone like this before,

I cant let it go, Not that easy,

What I have is so difficult to speak, to a point i cant breath,

The feeling within my heart to see you two together,

I would have rather got punched in the gut

any other pain would have hurt less than seeing that scene.

Anger has filled my soul,

for he doesn't know how lucky he is...to have her.

When that's all I could have ever wanted.


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