can I escape?


I look around and feel all the walls closing in trapping my thoughts my feelings my voice deep within I look into this glass tracing my imperfections with my fingertips a tear drops from my eye and sails across my lips a ship containing my fears unloading so maybe my mind can be clear because lately it's my emotions that seem to want to steer Behaving irrationally passive aggressive you see its hard to look into the glass and realize that it's me listening to much to society while trying to maintain my sobriety conforming to a standard that makes me change my words how I dress give up myself for more or less. At night I dream to break free but those judgements crawls up next to me in my bed penetrate my cerebral cortex to make me think that I am less putting to much stress upon myself making me second guess who I want to be I always thought that life was free but every mistake is like a coat of paint a constant reminder of who they want me to be their judgments smeared across these walls as if they hold the key can I escape every time I try to break free I hear them calling taking me on pit stops to the darkest events that my life seemed to offer so now I'm like what do I have to offer feel as if Im leaking these sins that have been thrown even though I feel they are not my own I thought this offering plate would understand my wanting to escape from these conformitys but even it is lashing me can escape escape from these conformitys to a life where life is free


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