If You Only Knew


If you only knew

What we carry on our crooked spines

When we leave your room

The torment

The pressure

The never ending gloom

If you only knew

What our futures hold

We can be what we want to be

At least, that’s what we’re told

Sometimes it’s impossible to believe

Because who we are is based on scores.

It doesn’t seem to matter what we face

Or what kinds of things we’ve seen

Unless you’re truly number one

Kids can be quite mean

If you only knew

How many hours I’ve spent studying

For the tests I fail

If you only knew

What I do instead of the assignments I miss:

I silence my parents’ fighting

I tell myself it’s okay

I take friends home when they have no ride

I go to funerals for kids I know who’ve died

I work over twenty hours a week

Making just enough for me to get by

I hope that all my learning

Can help to teach you this:

I’ve got a battle I’m fighting

I’m really trying, too

I think you’d think I’m smart enough

If you only knew



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