A Silent Voice for Change

It needs to change so it shall,

Eventually with or without me here.



I can change thee or others;

I could be acquisitive changing my mien, and my myriad faults;

I could change my past, my present, and my unforeseen future;

I could change He whom is torpid, he whose distress grows;

He whom is invalid and hungry, and he whom is dismal;

And he whom has the choice to alter and alleviate himself.

I can help him, and her, and him, and you;

I could help any, so they not be helpless.


Is change between the disciples not a choice?

Is the difference in qualities not what make us unique?

Or should this change be for thee?

Or is the change for the silent voices a more salient choice?

Yes- I change this for-their silence;

Tell me otherwise we are not their voice;

The abused, the abandoned, outside and forsaken;

Are they not who we should find change for?


The silver bars of separation are cold;

And the clock’s hand runs out of time on door;

Their innocence is taken; and that should be no more.

Their loyal eyes are ,

And their eyes are loyal;

Poor creatures they be,

Which to think to slaughter is heart rendering.

But it is hard for people to understand,

You shall change for those whom don’t want, but need your hand.


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