Acceptance is what I choose to need.

To get away from my misery.

I trust those who hurt and love those who use me.

Only its not love it's lust. Its abuse to my body because it is truly violence.

I feel like it covers my hurt.

So yes I listen to the lies.

Because I love the confusion.

It is the insanity of it all that fuels my pain.

But yes I like it cause to them I'm another player in the game.

I am an individual rather than That stone which can be thrown.

I'd rather throw away my goals if that's what it takes for acceptance.

I'd rather fit in with the IT crowd than be against the crowd.

See I just want to be free and be loved for me.

But yet I can't because IT won't let me.

See I just wanna be loved for me.

But I can't and I won't because I'm trying to be accepted.

Acceptance is all I need in this world for me to be free.

But truthfully it can't be Not knowing that I'm torn inside all the craziness breaking my spine.

Thinking it is ok for me to belittle myself just so someone can look at me and say, "Well done, look at what you've become."

Acceptance is all I really need said the lonely teen that was once me.

Not knowing I was already accepted by the rewards that await me .

I, a child of the most high, accepted by the one who cares above.

He who showed me the real meaning of love.

The one who was there through all of my affairs.

Acceptance was what I strived for.

Now looking through my door, I see that I'm accepted even more than before.

Not because of my beauty and what you think was my duty but because of God's love.

I am accepted because I know where I stand in the palm of God's hand.

See he's my right hand man and never worrying if he will will leave me for less because to him i am the best.

And when I think of all he has done for me that is all the acceptance I'll ever need.

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