The Unknown Beauty

With the world acting as her mirror

The Girl was only told harsh words

And she couldn’t help but listen

For it demanded to be heard


“Your ghost-like skin is sickening

But in the sun it’s far too pink”

“What are those dots across your skin?

Those ugly brown blotches of ink”


“Your frizzed locks are repellent

Red hair is just plain wrong

Like a weed in a field of lilies –

You simply don’t belong”


At the end of each day

The Girl sighed with defeat

As she was told of her flaws

From her head to her feet


The nights she spent gazing

Through the glass on her wall

Where a Woman stood stunningly

With no imperfections at all


Her pale skin was glowing

In the dark of the night

And her eyes were like emeralds

Fierce, and speckled with light


She radiated bravery

From a face speckled with gold

Her curled hair was engorged

Glowing fiery and bold


The Woman was beautiful

A Goddess that she longed to be

But if only The Girl would realize

The glass reflected only she


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