Forever Waiting For You

I can't sleep; the memories keep me up at night,

All of the things I should have said,

Should have done,

To make you mine.

The thoughts of you won't ever transcend,

The time you were almost mine,

The time when,

I just wanted it all to end,

You took me in your arms,

And protected me from my attempted harm.


I remember the happiest day of my life,

The day you took my hand,

And it was all alright,

You kissed me gently on the lips,

And i was high as can be.


The thing I'd dreamt of,

Tortured myself over for a year,

Finally came true,

You made it come true my dear.


Now I know I said I was over you,

But my dreams tell a more realistic truth.

I still toss and turn,

And when I finally do sleep,

You're right there with me.

And as soon as I wake up,

You disappear,

Along with my hope,

And brings back the fear.


I wish it'd be different,

I wish I could go back,

Take you in my arms,

Erase your broken past.

Save you from the boy,

Who promised it would last.

I'd be there my love,

I'd be there.


So what's of the day,

That you took my hand?

You upped my hope,

I don't understand.

You were always there,

To guide my way,

You knew it's not easy being accepted,

And at the same time being gay.


But no matter what anyone said,

You stayed by my side,

Kept me warm, against the bitter wind.

You stood up,

When they all yelled to you "SIT DOWN"

You made them understand,

Just what a hero, I had found.


So just know my dear,

Whether I want it or not,

I'll always be here waiting,

For you to be as whole as you can again,

And I'll take your hand and show you,

Of this pain, there truly is a happy end.



It let my feeling get out without you having to see my tears that accompanied it! I hope you enjoy, please tell me what you think and I LOVEEEE constructive critism so constructivly critisicze away. :)

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