Heartbreak is not something that is easy to take

For it clouds the mind and causes the esteem to effortlessly break

Hours upon hours are spent of you picking up the pieces

While your ability to define who you are as a person slowly decreases

Nothing more than words of hate and anger for that person  is now what your mouth releases

Because  suddenly you realize  the feelings he once had for you now ceases

Heartbreak is like a disease that clouds the mind body and soul

While the longingness for the sweet memories of that person quickly gains control

We are told that time heals the broken hearted

 in other words known as the dearly departed

they were two souls that once mingled and intertwined

and danced dangerously on love and hates sweet thin  line

the broken hearted often times get the short end of the stick

oh no, its not at all like they genuinely get to pick

they  were entrenched and in love with the inner being

all while not realizing what everyone else was clearly seeing

they are blinded by the lies and deception that the other portrays

because they  were so caught up in this bitter sweet daze

in the midst of it all, you break and concave all while their going on there merry little way

they can easily maneuver while your tears keep you from wanting to see another day

your lost and confused because your trust and heart has been without a doubt abused

heartbreak is not something that is easy to take but if you hold steadfast to God’s unchanging hand you’ll see your heart beign to heal, while karma sees to it  that suddenly they will soon crumble for a heartbreak is not something that is easy to deal


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