A change is a simple concept,
One few are able to grasp.
Change is not normally accepted,
And to some, it means a new you, a new life.

I’d like to change negativity.
It keeps the best people sad,
It crushes dreams like a bug.
It forces the river of tears,
The slicing of flesh.

Negativity is found in many places:
School, work, a restaurant, or market.
It keeps peace away from an environment,
It causes war among friends, and keeps hate among foes.

Negativity can be eliminated,
Through love and through joy.
A hug, smile, kiss, or nod
Can keep the negative soul from bursting.

Negativity is the food to the beast;
The beast of war, hate, and violence.
Negativity has a simple cure,
Many are quite unaware.

Happiness: the all-around antidote.
What some may call disgust,
Others find a necessity.

The negative, the positive,
Always against each other.
Though change is a simple concept,
It is not said to be impossible.


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