What is love?


Love is when you feel cared yet hurt.

When you life is complete yet empty.

When your phone is running out of battery and you run to save it.

When a puppy licks your face.

When you mother makes your favorite food.

When your late from your father is worried out looking for you.

When your friend remembers your birthday and brings you gifts.

When you play fight with your brothers while your parents are not looking.

Love can be many things.. yet it is only two.

Pain is love and love is pain.

When you cheat on your boyfriend and you leave him without saying anything.

When you say something mean to your mother then you regret it.

When you step on a dogs tail and you run after it.

When you break your friends phone and try and buy her a new one.

When you your friends boyfriend is with another girl and you tell her.

When you throw a pen at your brother because he is making fun of you.

When your friend falls on the floor and you laugh uncontrollably.

To love there is two definitions and two images it portrays.

Yet it is only thought of one.

Why love is everything and everyone.

You may not know it but love hurts.

Love is kind and love is strong but the wrong kind of love can destroy all.

Be Careful when you love someone because love may not come out the way you want.

Love is the ruler of all people yet the destroyer of your world. 


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