I believe


If the stars disappeared 
And all the clouds ran away from here 
Wont everything appear,
to be greener on the other side 
If theres no life here ?
and Aint no light here  ?
can we survive here ?
Is it right here?
If the ground starts rising 
And the sun stops providing 
And there's ruin in our gardens
A glitch in our horizon
That's the earth rewinding , reminding
That other entities live beyond our reach 
Our mental capacity has muted their speech 
So we only listen when we speak 
A tale of the weak 
the wisdom we seek 
Is hidden in the silence of a letter in a word. 
That's hardly spoken , and taken as absurd
A clever voice awoke in my dreams 
If I could explain what that really means 
I'd write a book that reads
Every drop the pen bleeds 
capture every thought that thought to leave 
I'd believe


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