Changing Tori


I sit on the corning and someone scowls,

I take a hit to shrug it off.

I see mom laying with a bottle again,

I take a hit so the blows wont hurt this time.

I walk through the crowds with my head down and long sleeves,

so no one can see the bruises, bones, and scars.

I want him to like me for the real me, 

but he gives me hit after hit after hit...

Im tired, tired of trying, tired of living;

so i take a hit to enjoy life again and to feel excepted,

even if its by the people in my head.

I finally decide that the hits aren't doing the job anymore,

so I start to run, I run until my legs give out,

Then a man grabs me from around the corner and everything is black.

I wake up tied up, cut up, fucked up;

but its ok , because i give up.

I open my eyes to see a man standing over me, but its not the same , 

this man is glowing and telling me to fight.

So I fight,I fight ,and I fight until I'm free.

I'm running again and as I look to my side I see this same glowing man running with me,

I'm overwhelmed and thinking that i must be seeing things.

I need a hit, but before i can take another step its all black again....

I feel a touch on my shoulder, i open my eyes to see that I'm surrounded by people,

people like me; there are colored socks, fuzzy blankets, and warm smiles.

Thats when i realize whats different, I'm sober,

I've been sober for three weeks.

I focus, I pray, I succeed!


I walk by that old corner and smile at the girl sitting there,

that use to be me...

I see mom laying with a bottle again,

I take it away and tell her it'll be ok.

I no longer walk through the crowds ashaimed,

I'm proud of who I am,

because I am the new image of change . 



This is super relatable. You touch on a bunch of topics but stay focused. I think this could be a great spoken word pice. 

Victoria Beson

i really appriciate that!! this is actually my first poem and was hoping some one would like it!

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