The Disease of Change

Since the birth of this generation, the urge to stop dreaming has been the most infectious disease in history.
Never before has something been so hard to solve and I can tell by the 
way we think.
Lately, we’ve kinked our thoughts into dinky ash trays letting our genius escape like smoke.
We’ve inhibited the difference we could be making, repressing the baking cakes of thoughts that could be making changes.
Like a depressive mind, we can’t find significant meaning in the way we live, and since the birth of human, we have had the urge to make the change for the better and not the worse.
But now this disease acts as a curse of creation.
We can’t let our humanity to commit suicide.
Creative strive has been the only reason to survive with inventions in our minds and the tools at our fingertips. And we have the odd habit of not using them, and now we’ve given up.
We use tools of communication to shut ourselves in
We use wealth to make others poor
And rather than breaking through windows we are shutting open doors.
We need to believe in ourselves and in others
Because in order to make a change, we need to know we can
And the cure to this disease is to know there is one.
Be the change you wish to see in the world and don’t wait for the wanted differences to unfold.
How can a rocket from Earth with dual rockets try to shoot for the stars when no one cares to get the fuel we need.
Can we fly this rocket farther into our minds or fail like the Challengers who face us?
To not dream is a murder of the efforts to give you your beautiful brain
Why would it be human nature to give up when we’ve been overflowing the measuring cup of mediocrity for years?
Cause like those who pass the torch can only hope to win it fair
So don’t sit back in your chair saying nothing can be done.
Those who have made the changes knew they could be the person who could make one.
A gigantic garden doesn’t grow great grapefruits without a good gardener and a worthy world doesn’t emerge from surging wishes without work.
It takes effort, so never wait for greatness. 
We all have the power to change inside of us waiting to be set free, so plant the seed to make the tree with the branches reaching for night skies singing its revolution symphonies to the solar systems grabbing stars by the light and planets alike making the sky cry tears of transformation.
Re-write history like the poet of time and make more dents in conformity than the pipe you beat it with.
Our thoughts and efforts dance like the wonderful wind no more
but now our thoughts are the fossils that no one is looking for.

When did living our lives become a genocide of our genius?
We are no longer teaching kids to wonder but rather providing them with the tools to do it for them.
For the Stephen Hawkings who uses technology to share brilliance
or the Apple Mac makers who dream of prodigy geniuses.
Don’t let the flame of imagination burn out.



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