The Curse that is Me


Before my known days

The sun shone splintering rays of diamonds

With gorgeous scenery to complement

Bliss was rampant

Faith out-lasted

And dreams materialized into obtainable goals

But yet

Not a one could understand why

When my vitality began

Obscurity entered the world


Now during the extent of my manifestation

Darkness shall enter and remain

Hope was lost in the blustery winds

Happiness is but a distant dream

Dignity, I fear not many even know the meaning

Trust is unheard of

It has all been swallowed by the inferno

The hellish fire that rages

The all-consuming oblivion that is darkness

It’s all caused by one unexpected soul


Hereafter, life will continue

Unaware of the truth that I once lived

That I was the cause of so much sorrow and horror in the past

Because the world will anew be an awe-inspiring place to live

The sun will once again shine in splintering rays of diamonds





I like to do free verse poetry, though occasionally I will give myself constraints to make it more of a challenge. This poem is totally free of "constraints," but an example of something I might do is to make every line consist of 5 syllables and start every fourth line with the word "a." I also LOVE vocabulary. I try to use a wide variety and mix the meanings. Usually I write poetry when I have some type on strong emotion that needs to be expressed in a postive way. Of course, I am always glad to have some constructive criticism of my works to help me learn where I can improve.


I have also posted this poem on Tumblr.

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