Sonnet 1022


Behind the door there is another lie

With these two I don’t even get a break

Having to deal with these two until I cry

Staying there will be another mistake

Was walking away, forgetting it all

Wishing that those bad memories were lost

Having them in my mind making me fall

Feeling as if I was the thing that was tossed

But where do I turn, there’s nowhere to go

Pains me to realize, home is where there’s pain

How pain itself joins those two together

No matter how much it hurts in my vein


Now going back home, I realize the love

There may be pain, but its love that’s above

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If you arre looking for love anywere pain is unavoidable but the love makes it worth it. You show this in your piece and it's very beautifully done. What inspire you to write this?

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