Because Of You

My weary old soul cursed by another's unfinished past was given a long and treacherous path, paved and made with broken stones and questioning tones

Seeking out the ghosts from what should have been my original generation, has left me hardened and cold

My soul sad and alone, a life snuffed out before its prime with no chance of finding home.

Take a look into my eyes, it is then and there that you will find out where true sadness lies, deep down in a place no one could have reached even if they tried

I was lifeless up until I met him, and just like that he simply took me by the hand, he reflected all the love within me, loved me unconditionally and it was then I finally understood that true love is better than good

He waited a quarter of a century until I finally arrived at almost twenty five, we took risks just to be around one another, even though it would have us ending up in handcuffs

Everywhere we were went we kicked up dust, both of us in love and full of trust, it is heaven when we are together, I am whole and feel right at home, our broken pieces fell right into place, fitting perfectly together, once again our hearts have become one

Only concrete walls and cruel made up laws can try to keep us apart, Jeff you're my other half and our love is like the love of the sun and the moon and without you there would be no tomorrow

I want to someday be your wife, never will I go astray from you, it is you who gave me the spark to light my heart and soul on fire, only you could have awakened my desire and rest assure, I will and can never get or be tired of you

True love was what my soul was for, and then... All of a sudden... there you were, and here we are and there we will be together again once you're set free, I love you Jeffrey Brents ♡


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