The Search Engine Instructor


Those who can’t do, teach

But you’re incapable of both.

What good is your degree?

Search engines are your only hope.


We’re begging you to teach us!

We’re failing every test

In 13 weeks you’ve taught us nothing

Give the snarky comments a rest


We don’t know the material

But neither do you

You don’t answer most questions

And google the few you do


I waste away 90 minutes a day

Seconds tick and tick and tick

The monotony of your lectures is painful

I think I’m going to be sick


These are the thoughts race through my head

When I’m forced to  hear you speak

But I resign to hold my tongue

Though you make my stomach weak.


These are the things we can not say

Though we desperately wish we could

So still we sit in silence staring

At concepts far from understood.


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