Miss(ed) Teacher


Miss(ed) Teacher

By: Arianna Peralta

Teacher, teacher why are you late?

No, don’t tell me, did you get caught up in cleaning a plate?

Or perhaps you were hung over from a date

But I understand, so I’ll just sit here and wait

And try not to think about the tardy I received

Only being 1 minute late

Teacher, teacher, why do you judge?

Don’t deny it, I can see

How you doubt this sapling will become a large, historical tree

But how can you judge?

When you are supposed to teach us and guide

The diverse ways to ride the lifelong tide

Now, teacher, do you hear me, us?

Or do you still look at these hopeful eyes with utter disgust

Staring at the clock



To go home

Asking how your kids’ classes went

And smile with their responses

Or give an angry call to your son’s teacher

So teacher, just stop and think

What words and actions can do

It can be the difference between

Friends and fiends



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