I am one

I am one

One person who has more added to his life

and gets parts of him subtracted from both left and right

Im in the negatives, but i stay positive

flipping like recipricals, and with half of my mind as a representative

The president of a nation thats still building up

brick by brick i add to my goals to chase dreams

I am one.

One like first place

passing up those who drag behind in my race

I pick up my shoes to walk high

Taking long strides into cloud nine

Dont doubt who i am

because you dont understand

that whether you see me as no one it isnt under you that I stand

I am one.

One voice one mind

one vision behind two eyes

I see my future without looking at the stars

and It didnt take a stargazer to tell me that im above the constellation, im ready for a supernova, heat and radiation, im going to infect those arround me with my cancer, giving your cells a sensation

If you cant take the heat, then you dont need to be with me for one reason

Ive got goals to achieve, dreams to chase, a future to achieve, because this is my summer season

I am One

Im one person

Turned up on ten

Dialed in to life with the area code added in

And when life calls back, ima be one step ahead

Getting my messages early because the message life said

Was a lesson ive already been spoon feed

Spoon fed with a fork when the road split

Raised to never quit

So i kept up the 8 mile with a bag of eminems ignoring traffic

cruising past all the exits.

Im the furthest thing out there, at least thats what drake said

Im Beyond binocular vision, Where im out is above the clouds, im on temperpedic beds

Ive got no time to rest though so i sleep walk

Daydream, leaving my nightmares sleeping with my alarm clock,

Until life gives me the chance, then i take the chance to go off

Blowing my life up like dynamite, im a ticking time bomb

Vaporizing those in my way, i microwaved the bomb squad

I am one

Im bringing the sweetest victories in my life near

Draging them closer on chains, im scorpion saying get over here

While leaving the losses on sub-zero temperatures
Too sick to quit life, im making the disease my signature
Im turning into a winner
Wait, scratch that, like a scratch card
Let me hit pause and restart,
Im to sick to quit, the disease is my signature
The black plague in two seasons, supernova in the summer
And an Ice age in the winter
I stepped up and became a winner
It turns out, that I am one


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