It sucks here

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 18:03 -- Ideafm



Little girl why are you crying

Is it cause everyone keeps lying

Saying its gonna get better

But your face just keeps getting wetter


Little girl why are you so sad

Is it cause you don’t know who’s your dad

And your mom looks at you in shame

She only does that cause she’s looking for someone to blame


Little girl put that razor down

You’re bleeding all over your new gown

Go to the sink and wash your arm

So that no one will know that you cause your self-harm


Little girl wake up its time for school

Wipe your face it looks like you drooled

Today is a new day

And I’m sure you’re going to be okay


Little girl cant you hear me

Its seven thirty cant you see

Go to the bathroom and get dressed

Stop lying their lifeless


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