Dear No One!!!
I don't think i should go into detail on who i am,
Remember i'm the clueless girl who fell for your scams,
But enough about me, 
I want to thank you for setting me free,
Because without you i wouldn't of met the love of my life,
Who makes me feel beautiful,
and says someday he'll make me his wife.
And no i'm not just saying that to make you jealous,
You should be proud i left a guy so cold, and so heartless.
it's you're fault i'm gone, so don't make a fuss,
even if that guy was you but hey lets face it, 
you've been such an anus.
Please don't be so blue,
I do forgive you.
It probably wasn't your fault, 
You left my best love with default.
let me just say,
You'll find another, some day.
What matters now is that I've moved on,
And soon I will have my honeymoon,
With the one i love, someone who isn't you.
</3 You're Best X-Ever!!!!!


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