Stop it


Hello, I will not tell my name right away.  You have to assume of what I am through what I do to your body.  First of all, I may become addictive.  People use me for social activities, when they are alone, when they are angry to relieze stress, others for the taste, and others.  Use me, just to use me.  I cause cancer, even death.  I cause those who abuse me to lose their loved ones, and can bring new friends into the picture.  But be warned, 9 out of 10, these people can from the wrong crowd, and can cause you to get into trouble.  This is an age-old issue, and holds a lot of controversy.  Now, you may have guessed what I am.  But to prevent you from getting overwhelmed with anticipation, I will not tell you.  You, and only you, reader(s), have the power to make that opinion.


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