Everything is normal, 

the people are in a hurry, the animals running around,

my heart is beating.

Then just like that 

something sets me off.

It starts in my chest;

the heavy, tingling feeling.

My hands begin to shake, my leg starts twitching,

my heartbeat rapidly increases.

Slowly my breathing becomes rapid.

Each breathe harder than the last.

It feels like the world is coming to an end.

What caused this? 

How do I make it go away?

Why does this happen to me?

All the questions race through my mind making everything worse.

Everyone continues their day like nothing is wrong.

Why don't they notice?

Why should they notice? 

To them I'm nobody.

No not a nobody, but rather a trouble maker.

Blue mohawk, a piercing, and tattoos.

No I can't be a good person looking like this.

Thinking these thoughts make it all so much worse.

I can't handle it. I start to cry.

My body shakes and struggles to breath.

I fall to the ground and lay there.

After what feels like forever,

I calm down.

I continue to shake and the feeling in my chest lingerers.

As I lay there, people look and stare. 

They still do not come to help. 

They give me dirty works causing me to get worked up again.

Finally, my boyfriend arrives and sees me there.

He rushes to me, grabs me, and holds me close.

People have gathered.

He yells at them to get the hell away.

I smile hearing his voice and feel his warmth.

I know everything is going to be okay.

He carries me over to a tree away from everyone.

I continue to smile and watch his every movement.

My shakes go away. All that is left is the feeling in my chest.

He pulls me close and just like that everything is back to normal.

I close my eyes and rest my head on his chest.

People are in a hurry, animals are running around, my heart is beating. 



It has gotten so much better since when I wrote that. I'll def check out some of your poems. 

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