I don't understand why you hurt me or make me have these scars

you always say no one cares of course i'm going to take that to heart.

your suppose to love me and take care of me but you havent been doing that lately

it's like your always sad and mad, it always shows faintly.

you always make me seem stupid when really I have potential and you always

make me seem weak when really i'm stronger than the average individual.

You always look at me like someone who's lost and confused, and i can never

understand why. Just please, please stop hurting me i fell my body going cold and dry....

but now, now it's to late for i see you walking away. You grab your rope you grab your chair

i know your fading away. I hope you look at me one more time and re-think what your about todo

this girl in the mirror that you always look at is strong and can get help for what

you're going through. YES! that's it, turn around there you go. Look at me hard, look

at me good please don't let us go. will put down the rope and put up the chair for

we never need to thik like this again. will show those people who said we won't

amount to anything, and who said we can't make it in life. will show them

will show them and give them a big YES I CAN!



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