A Man of Pain


Never has a man cried so softly

As the sound of a single tear hits his cheek

Soft cries are the deadliest of them all, mother might say.

question him as if he is a Stranger and I am new to his pain.

Tell him that crying is like trees and rain.

The only man I’ve seen cry is father.

Never seen such a phenomenon from the pit of my soul

I felt the sorrow and the rain drip from my sockets

a rumble inside only to hide that feeling, to assure him that all is well.

As I walk my path I feel my heart quaking with pain

never imagined it felt like this, but it was hard to tell.

How could such a gentle stream, become so furious and troubled?

But flowing through the rivers in the meadows calms this old stream

and makes it attend to the needs of nature

Although it’s hard, the stream must carry on a new

To renew the land that once was shattered

What once was gone has now returned to




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