Why couldn’t I see it?

She was hurting. She was screaming

And I couldn’t hear her cries.

I could have stopped her.


They don’t know.

She’s just a statistic to them.

She’s one of the 30,000.

No name, just a number.


Why didn’t I listen?

Maybe, just maybe

If I had opened my ears

I could have stopped her.


They have no idea.

She was more, she was so much more

Than just the one in that 16.2 minutes

But to them she is a number


My fault

If I had just listened, maybe...


If I had just heard then…

I am broken

I am cold

I am alone


And now what is left





To them she is nothing but a number

A statistic

An unfortunate fact

So cruel and harsh, the truth


She had a name

Even if no one will remember tomorrow

She had a name

But all you see are numbers

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Please don't blame yourself. The fact that you care about them that much is a great thing.

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