love, hate, pride, and joy

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 20:43 -- setbadb



a 4 letter word, though it holds so much gravity

yet we throw it around like something thats only worth a penny


again something that comes in 4, a powerful thing that closes so many doors

posions our minds and holds us captive, unwilling to see past the stimulus thats active


an additional letter added, entitlement hold us to our colors just as rotten apples fester maggots

hubris rised us up and hubris takes us down, dont believe me? ask theseus 


a simple 3, oh how we would love if such would over take thee

through it all love, hate, and pride, too much of each can overtake the mind


but to have the smallest drop of joy can shed light on sins and worries

and make you think about what makes you happy and what makes you scurry



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