A thought, a word, a phrase, a long time of healing

I want to disappear I wanted to fade into the background......

I thought that losing the weight would make them like me...... They don't...

I started to get more involved in school no one seemed to notice either.....

On the contrary they hated me even more...... Their stares would stab my back 10 times harder and deeper

I walked with a grace some say others hate it for it take the eyes off them

They isolate me no matter the situation 

They use the things I've done in the past against me..... I've never done a single thing to them 

I wonder why they don't like me........ I make mistakes I say things that I regret but why would they try to hurt me 

I've done certain things in the past and they still hold that against me........

I try to be as much as a nice person could be but I guess it isn't enough for them......

On rainy days I look out the window and see how people can socializ with one another 

I've been with them since like 7th grade and they still treat me like the new girl I'm in 12th grade now 

I thought highschool woud make them mature at least a little but apparently it hasn't they still ignore me 

They don't know what they do to me hurts me way more then they think it may hurt 

They could care less if what they say gets to my ears.......I wonder if they intend for that to happen 

I try to be nice and make amends but they just laugh...... their cruel words echo down my spine back again in my head

I watch how I bulid walls too high for people to climb....... I see the cuts on my wrists.......

The cuts are red from being fresh and sore... cutting over the same old scares that were once there

I wonder how people could be this cruel..... I don't want to be another person who falls their words but it's hard

I know I'm not the only one but why pick on someone who's soul has been beaten over and over again.....

I cry nights because I let them get to me on such a level that it isn't okay.......

Coming home is the only thing that saves me most days..... other days I want to run away from everything and be by myself

Putting up a fight but I'm starting to get weak..... I can't go on forever but I'm trying......



Poetry Slam: 



It's my first poem please be kind and give good feedback

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