Change It To Love


What are we telling our children?

Sex is blurred out, but beheadings? No problem.

It’s better to hate than to love.


Heroes kill with impunity

Love is nothing but a dirty word

And sex sells everything.


What are we telling our children?


Boys go happily to die in war

For a cause they don’t understand cause

It doesn’t exist.


Violence is matter of fact.

Nobody cares.

Generations of men with PTSD

Who beat up their children cause they don’t know what to do

With this anger inside them.


Anger bred from fear and from hate,

From a society where you can buy this and buy that

Everything will make you happy.

But you can’t talk about things that really matter.


Its time to stop repressing our love

Stop giving in to our primal need for violence.


What can we do to change the world?


There is no magic solution

Never will be.

So we change the only thing we ever really can:


And hope that it’s enough. 


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