Words DO Hurt

Fri, 11/29/2013 - 13:21 -- Antanae



She was a very young girl

Life just started it would seem

About fifteen years old

Life being torn by the seams

Everywhere she walked,

There was no place to hide

She wished she run away

Or jump, lie down somewhere and die

She struggled with her weight

But people didn’t care

Middle school was tough

She thought high school was gonna be her year

She was sadly mistaken

Because even her own “friends” would,

Pass judgments and throw hate as much as they could

This young girl found peace, she did

She would cut her soul open

And when she bled she hid

She tried to talk to her mother

She asked to be put on a diet

But her mother, a drinker told her to be quiet

Her own mother would throw hate,

 And shame at her daughter

Her mom would tell her to blame her weight, on her father

It seemed like this lost soul needed a place to go

So she took her own life
With a bat, in one single blow

See people don’t understand that their words do hurt

And everything they think, they shouldn’t blurt

It seems like it’s all the young kids who thinks it’s cool

To hurt someone is a part of the high school rule

Words do hurt,

You see they took the life of this young girl

Can you imagine that something like this happens all across the world?


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