The mirage of love


Silver Spring, MD
11621 Lockwood Drive
United States
39° 2' 28.8456" N, 76° 59' 3.372" W

Eyes swelled up with tears,

As i said goodbye to YESTERDAY.

The promise of romance drowning in the ocean of my heart.

Memories of us being together,

are now missing.

For they have moved to a place of regret.

The laughter I once had of an innocent child

is now missing,

breathless and weeping,

searching for the love that once was.

The silhouette of love,

that showed up

in our conversations,

in our affectionate glances at each other as we hold hands,

in our invincible moments,

is now missing.

For it has become a lonely and rocky path,

where only I and my inner soul

can find our way out.

In this love,

My heart was broken as it attempted to surf to the mirage of love.

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