Glass House


I'm a glass house.

Just take a glance, you'll know if I'm home or not

Maybe a light is on, music is playing

Peer a little deeper to be sure that I'm not

Survey my windows to see if you can find me,

And when you can't, don't pretend you don't know why


Insults fly at me, littering my ears.

Powerful words mill around in the empty halls of my brain

Like a faucet that won't turn off, I fight back

With the water level rising, the windows let it all rush out

Pull the curtains closed, let my head fall to the pillow

It appears that the house is dark, shadowed with moonlight

But really the fun has just begun


The guest list is full of only the finest magic:

Prince Charming, Repunzel, Thing 1 and Thing 2,

Giraffes, sun flowers, and the best honeydew,

Horses and buggies, tall castles, Turkish delight,

Foxes and hounds, gold coins, and white knights


Waking with a start, and my party is over

I try to clean house, but the trash won't sweep up

Smirks and scowls find ther way into each crevice


Some days I turn into a fun house,

Filled with trap doors and mirrors to trick you up,

But only a select few join in on the action


I can feel their smoldering stares burning holes into my back

I'll sense that jokes, thrown in my earshot --

They will never be funny to me


Sticks and stones may break some windows,

But words can shatter an entire house.


Pick your weapon,

Yank your arm, back, forward,

Let go.


Like magic, watch the illusion disappear, right before your very eyes.

Stand amongst the rubble.

Tell me, how does it feel to know that you broke me?


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