The one who is so far away


Everyday I give someone a warm hug

I warm their spirits and make them snug

But I, who gives these warm hugs

Feel cold like and empty mug

For although I love to see

A smile made by me

There is one in my life who I see

There is one in my life I feel is a need

I cannot warm her for she is so far away

That everytime I see her picture my life turns grey

And she does know

Everyday My love for her grows

But I feel she can only wait so long

Before she finds another song

I haste my acts and try to be swift

So that herself and I can go a lift

For once we are truly together

My heart and it's wounds will feel so much better

The cold feeling that I once had

Will turn into a warm feeling I need to have

For never will I let her go

Always and forever I will love her so




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