Caught In an Endless Breeze

Caught in An Endless Breeze

When the wind catches the curly strands of the hair
It takes my brain with it
And thought tumble forth with bounties
of creativity and i get caught again
Then my heart is ensnared 
and my stomach flutters with carefree joy
And the sun greets my face warmly
Then the Breath take in natural air
filled with after rain ozone
and the heart between my legs pump and 
i realize that i love nature
and then my soul is ready to leap forth
Until i realize that it can't last
and everything comes back in
time resumes and it is not playtime anymore

i'm just an introverted being 
who can only truly play mentally 
in realms unknown to some
maybe many
But every now and then the wind picks up
and i feel that at least my soul can still play within me
and i am Alive 
I'm here



I like how you gave insight to one that is an introvert.

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