Thump, Thump, Shh

"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?

Some may say

Causing our hearts to sputter one final beat

Thump, thump, shh

Different types of love lause different types

Of heart attacks

Whether it be

Broken heart,

Something close to the heart, etc.

Causes a heart to sputter one final beat

And then

Thump, thump, shh

Many mourn over broken heart, but

To mourn is like standing in a morgue

Thump, thump, shh

They feel an invisible hand reach through their chest and constrict their heart beyond recognition

Thump, thump, shh

Such pain brings a flood of tears and they Feel "i am drowning in the deep abyss of my tears"

Feeling their heart

Thump, thump, thump

Thump, thump


Thump, thump, shh

We may not be perfect

I know for a fact I'm

Not perfect,

Most won't accept people

Who aren't perfect,

Will you take me as i am?

Thump, thump, shh


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