Emotions Exsposed


If emotions were exposed what would we be?

How long could we ignore our fellow man's depravity?


At a dimly lit cafe late in the night

You notice the abandoned dreams in the bus boys pocket

and the waitress passes to your right

with misery pinned in her hair, becase tonight she cannot hide it.


On this night the problems we ignore in our repose

have escaped into the external world.

Tonight, all emotions are exsposed.


If we could see the dreariness that weighed upon the poverty stricken

how many of us would continue to ignore them?

Perhaps we would be moved to action

by the neglected, and the despair that cloaks them.


But not all would be woe

The love of a new bride would renew  our affections

the devotion of a mother would make hearts glow

and once we saw the dark, in these things we'd renew our appreciation


I would change the world we live in for a day

so that all could see none of us are truly alone

in our worst defeats, or in all the heart break


I would change the world we live in for a day

so that we could never ignore the downtrodden again

when we see their hearts beats like ours in every way












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