Society Killed the Teenager



Society killed the teenager.

What did we expect?

That the words would roll off their shoulders?

No responsibility to collect?


Society killed her.

They said she wasn’t pretty enough. 

While on the inside she was starving,

on the outside she looked so tough.


Society killed him.

Depression overtook his mind,

no one ever noticed.

Until the day his gravestone shined.


Society killed them.

On the outside they looked so put together.

Everyone wanted to be in their group,

and then lies brought their friendship a storm it could not weather.


Society killed us.

It made us something we’re not.

How we should act, feel, and look.

But ourselves is what we forgot.


Guide that inspired this poem: 


A. Elizabeth

This is fantastic. 


Amazing poem. Society has taken so much from us, including our control of our lives. We have to remember to ignore society and be our true selves. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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