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Change is an easy word to say but very hard to do

Change comes in all forms no matter how


or how 



One thing that I would change is people's mentallitys'

People are so judgmental and don't go a day without judging one another

Not everyone has a wonderful life

Most people hide behind someone who they are not

so they don't have to show their real selves to people because they will be judged

The person they hide behind becomes the person that everyone sees,

others never get to meet the real person inside the body, but the fake.


If I can change this I would

We still can. 

We need to work together and stop judging people and being cruel

We need to look at the brightside of things

The glass is always half full

Never empty-it's filled with air

We need to overlook people's differences and come together 

By achieving this, we can reach further out and do more

I believe this can happen

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