The Last 5 Minutes.....

Not a day goes by,  where I can't hear the voice...

The tone of confusion, hopelessness and pain.

The cry out to the world for it to lend a ear for just one second.

You were a friend to all.

Even though the outside visions were of a happy individual, but little they now you were just as lost as them.

You could make the strength of being ok when your not look so easy.

But with every strength came a great risk.

You were like a brother, we knew each other well inside and out...

But I was so preoccupied with my own mess, thinking my life was bad and nobody could relate.

Until I got a call, and my life was never the same.

Out of all the friends you may had, you picked to call me, to tell me that you loved me and that no matter what to always be me and follow my dreams.

But little did I know, the friend who knew you well, couldn't even tell how deep in the dark you were..

As you sit in the chair...

One hand on the phone and one hand on the gun...

A sight between life And death with the helplessness caught in the middle...

I plead for you to stop and think about what's ahead...

You claimed it didn't matter and taking life was in your head...

I tell you to remember your kids, head...

You claimed it didn't matter, taking your life was all in your in your head.

You say they will be better without you, but i knew it wasn't true..

5 minutes later the only thing in your head was a blacked out vision of what you couldn't see.

And another 5 minutes, the gun was to your head...

I told you i love you and this never the answer..

But the only answer you had was being depleted from this life. 

I cry because I couldn't help but to feel that...this is it,

I didn't know what to do...I didn't know what to say.

5 more minutes later one shot fired...The chills felt were sharp and ice cold to my heart..

at 2:45 am July nth, 2013...I lost my best friend a brother indeed.

Never could I describe the evil in this world, 

The tragedies we see occurs, we're blind and seal our hearts.

Never can you know a persons life story, with a distorted vision that hides their dark furry.

I lost my only friend because nobody could listen...i lost my best friend because he lost his way...

In this life time it's not hard to do... we hate for no reason, we kill for no reason, we betray for no reason..

But every chaotic society is a victim of it's crime..


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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