The Double Standards of Beauty

Women and men are taught 

from the time of babes

to rate a woman's beauty on the size of her dress

a man on the size of his bicep

to discount a girl on the length of her skirt

or to dismiss a man by the size of the tattoo on his arm.


Why should we have the authority to judge a person's beauty on their appearance

we cannot see a body's character

by the size of their waist

the volume of their lips

the length of their hair

How small must one be?

Not too small, you fear squeals of "anorexic!" "Skeleton!"

But not too big, or echoes cries of  "Thunder thighs!" and "Obese!"

The ridiculous standards by which we must live by

simply to impress others by what they've been told is beautiful

Beauty is not in the"eye of the beholder" 

Beauty is in the soul of those who are being beheld.


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