Thu, 10/03/2013 - 13:13 -- mirm14


clouds are thick, the ground grabs

It weighs you down, It tugs at you

slowly pulling slowly drawing

walking against the wind

heavy feet heavy head

forced back held back

no movement, no progress

for advancement is Its fear

put on a happy face, cover It up

no one will ask, no one will know

all is well, all is well

people look, but cannot see

you do not wear It

you do not hold It

you feel It

inside your head, deep in your mind

Its voice whispers softly


you are not

you can not

you will not


a true lie planted in fertile ground

it grows, blinds, hinders, destroys


block It out, do not listen

it is not true

it is not real

block It out, do not listen

it might be true

it might be real

block It out, do not listen

it is true

it is real


truer than anything, realer than anything


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