Mommy I'm Not Really Sure


Mommy, I'm not really sure

Why you won’t cut my hair

Or why you dress me up in skirts

And dresses and in heels


Can't I wear a suit instead?

A black one with matching shoes?

Can't I cut my hair short?

And spike it just like dad’s?


Mommy, I'm not really sure

Why you buy me toy dolls

Or nail polish or lipstick

Or ponies with soft flowing hair


Can't I have a car instead?

The kind with stripes and flames?

Can't I have dinos and legos?

And my very own plastic bug trapper?


Mommy, I'm not really sure

Why you want me to play with girls

I don't like house and dress up

And hopscotch on the playground


Can't I play with boys instead?

I like to play man hunt

And baseball and kickball

And tag with the rest of the boys


Mommy, I'm not really sure

Why you decided I was a girl

I'm sure you made a mistake somewhere

This just isn't me at all


Can't I be a boy instead?

Surely I can choose?

I know I am one on the inside

Why can't anybody else see?


Mommy, I'm not really sure

Why you're laughing at me now

What do you mean I was born a girl

And that's just the way it is?


Can't I ever change that mommy?

I know you don't believe me

But inside mommy, I've always known

I'm a boy, through and through


Why do people hate me mom?

Just because I'm different?

Why do they sneer and call me names?

And spit at me in the hallway?


I didn't ask to be this way

It's just how I was born

Don't I deserve to be myself?

Whatever that someone might be?


Why don't people get it mom?

It doesn't mean a thing

It's what's inside that really counts

Everyone always says


Why won't they get to know me?

I'm the same as anyone else

Why can't they see there's more to me?

If they just looked past my body



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